Adding a Plug to a Hardwired Light

Easily and quickly convert a hardwired light into a plug in light!

No mess, no tearing into walls, no sheetrock repair. Just plug it into any outlet and let the light shine in!

Convert most any hardwire light to a plug in light. Get light where you need it without the mess and expense of rewiring the electrical in your home.

No more cutting into sheetrock and all that messy repair. There’s an easier way to add light where you need it. You can add a plug to almost any light fixture, including chandeliers, wall sconces and even picture lights. Michelle shows you how to do this in a quick 30 minutes or less.


  • Your Light Fixture, of course.
  • A good pair of sharp pliers HERE
  • Lamp wiring kit HERE
  • Electrical Nut Caps (if your Lamp Kit doesn’t come with them) HERE
  • You may also want a metal or plastic tube or pipe to hide the cord for a sconce light HERE
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