I'm Michelle Crowley, the heart and mind behind Michelle Crowley Design. With years of experience in the design and creation industry I have a passion for creating beauty. I bring both unique creativity as well as expertise in the practicalities of how to actually take an idea all the way to reality. I believe in crafting spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also emotionally resonant, mirroring the personalities, interests and lives of their inhabitants.

I'm Michelle


Creative, Passionate, with an Eye for the the littlest Details 

I grew up near Seattle in Issaquah, Washington but ended up in Utah after graduation from BYU because of a job and a special guy, Matt. We've been married for over 28 years, and it's been an adventure-filled journey. Matt introduced me to traveling, and we've visited over 30 countries.

We have two daughters, Lexi and Kate. Lexi, now a Labor & Delivery Nurse, is married with a son. Kate, a college student and skilled equestrian, is still deciding on her path but knows it will involve her beloved horse, Toro.

My Family

From a young age, my mind always gravitated towards creation, always imagining ways to enhance the spaces around me. Growing up, my mother emphasized the importance of learning essential life skills, despite my initial resistance. My engineer father viewed challenges as opportunities for creativity, passing on a myriad of practical skills. Their combined lessons instilled in me the essence of creation: understanding the intricate act of putting things together, which now forms the foundation of my design approach.

How I Became Creative

With Kate's birth, I planned on full-time motherhood but was drawn to a new venture: creating an innovative school in Utah. Alongside a dedicated team, we founded Channing Hall, Utah's first International Baccalaureate accredited charter school. This endeavor stands as my crowning achievement, underscoring my deep commitment to education.


At 30, motherhood reshaped my career ambitions. An unexpected opportunity with a previous client, Buena Vista Pictures (ie, Walt Disney, Hollywood, Touchstone and Pixar Movie Studios) allowed me to create a wonderful balance between work and time with my daughter. This career move to Public Relations and Publisict also provided me with a unique opportunity to learn and master the art of event planning and party throwing from the very best in the business.

Public Relations Consultant

WIth a Bachelor's Degree in Design from Brigham Young University in hand, I pivoted into an Advertising & PR career instead. As a Senior Account Executive at a well known Salt Lake City boutique firm, I was fully immersed in the creative process. I loved every single day of working with a brilliant team of designers, writers and strategists.

Advertising Executive

Careers I've Had... So Far

If I'm being honest, I'm not exactly sure what I want "next" to look like. I'm open to all the possibilities that are coming my way, including my new, fun gig as the "Official Creative Contributor" on Utah's #1 Morning Show, Studio 5 on KSL-5 TV.

And next...?

Though I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Design degree, I veered away from a traditional design career. Regardless, my life has been a canvas of creativity, with every home I've owned transforming under my touch. After my tenure as President of the Board of Trustees at Channing Hall, I circled back to design, taking on various interior and event projects.

Philanthropic Endeavor
I found a fulfilling side venture with Kenya Keys, a cause that deeply resonates with my belief in the transformative power of education. While I always sought a meaningful way to give back, Kenya Keys presented the perfect opportunity to support education for students who otherwise might never get that chance.

Designer at Heart

  • I want to create. 
  • I want to do what I want to do, how I want to do it. 
  • I want to be surrounded by like minded people who share my passions, who inspire me with new ideas and who are loads of fun! 
  • I want to spend my time traveling the world, making pretty things, change lives and the world for better, and rock my grand-babies in my lap while we read beautifully illustrated storybooks together.

But here is what I DO know for sure;

I have a unique vision for possibilities and see what others often miss. I specialize in taking ordinary things and reimagining them into something truly special, something show stopping.

A room, a piece of furniture - vintage things, off-the-shelf things, even discarded things . . . I thrive on the challenge of a great make-over.

Creating Through Recreating:

The best designs are highly personal. Your home, or special event should have your unique finger print on it; telling the story of who you are, where you've been, what makes you tick and makes your heart sing. In order to achieve this desirable result my design process is collaborative and collected, requiring a fair bit of time and patience.

Personalized Design:

Michelle's Approach

I don't typically take on work as a full service Interior Designer. Although I have those skills and experience, I prefer using my talents as a resource to individual and commercial clients, as well as other Interior Designers. We will create custom made furnishings, accessories and soft goods, with special installations for clients who want to invest in the very unique and very custom. I'd love to collaborate with you in designing and creating fabulousness for your best clients.

Who We Create For:

"Creativity" is simply an accumulation of learned skills, not an inherent trait. Like all talents, anyone willing to put in the time learning and practicing the skills can become a creative master.

It's extra rewarding to teach others by sharing what I know and what I do. Not everyone can or even wants to pay someone else to do things or make things for them. I hope to inspire others to pick up a drill, pull out your mom's old sewing machine, master a miter saw, paint, paint and paint some more.

But if you aren't inclined to DIY it, that's okay too. In that case, hit us up. We're more than happy to create for you.

Who Can Do It?

Still skiing, hiking, biking, wake surfing and still living large!


Massively ADD, it's both my super power and my kryptonite all at once.


Fully addicted to sugar, I'll choose baked goodies over candy every time.


I'm "Grandma" to one (so far) and "Mom" to two & "like a Mom" to lots more!


I'm always listening to a book when working on a project. My favorite genres are Historical Fiction and Biographies.


I'm a loud & proud hoarder! Having random odds & ends always at my fingertips is a creative necessity.


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