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There's just no rational reason to be intimidated by those power tools in your garage - or afraid of that sewing machine your mom passed down to you that's currently collecting dust in the closet! They really aren't hard to use. In no time you can be a Master of all creating tools! Once you know how to use the tools, your creative possibility's will explode!

Come along on my own creative journeys and I'll teach you all my tips, tricks, hacks and how to's. In no time you'll be a Boss at creating the most amazing creations!

find all the in-depth, step-by-step tutorials you'll need to actually DO all the things!

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Hello! Welcome to my happy place where I share the joy of creating fantastically beautiful things! Some weeks it may be unique drapery panels for a bedroom, other days it might be a clever backdrop for a wedding photo booth. Sometimes it might be my own random insights on the business of life. Every day its' different around here. Tools vary, from drills and sewing machines to my hoarded boxes of "Odds & Ends" that fuel my creativity.

Connecting with people, whether they're friends, family, or new acquaintances, brings me immense joy. Here at Michelle's Designing Life, you'll find a community passionate about beautiful things, whether it's home decor, special events, shared crafting sessions or thoughts on building a lovely life. So whether you're seeking inspiration or camaraderie, I hope you'll visit often and join me on this journey of creating and celebrating the beauty of life. 

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