Our Lake House with her welcoming wrap around porch that’s meant to invite visitors to “come stay for a while.” Her rolling expanse of lawn and massive billowing willow trees provide the perfect place for a summer afternoon nap.

Our Lake House has become our family sanctuary, the place where friends and family gather.

It’s synonymous with delicious food, long laughter filled dinnertime conversation, games around a table late into the night.

Swimsuits all day long. Bike rides or snow hikes up sparking canyons to sweeping views.

Spikeball, Volleyball and Corn Hole rivalries that go on all season long.

Boating and biking in summer. Skiing and sleading in winter.  And hiking alll the time. We keep an arsenal of snowshoes, sleds, canoes, fishing rods and paddle boards stocked in the shed. 

How many enduring friendships have been formed through simultaneous weekend invitations? More friendships than I can count have begun at the Lake House. Even some that have lead to the alter . . .

I’m told a weekend invitation is coveted, although in truth not really hard to come by . . .

We always want guests. . . 

We love to share our magical place with friends and family and even acquaintances we hope will soon be numbered among our friends.

Fourth of July is THE event of the year at the Lake House.