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The One Room Challenge

At the same time that I’m taking on The One Room Challenge and redecorating my Great-Room, I’m also trying to get my website set-up. At least to a point were at the very minimum I can share what I’ve been doing for my Great-Room Makeover.

Was I overly ambitious? Always. . . dang it.

But problems aside, I DID have great fun this week working on my Feature Wall.

I thrifted for frames.

I chucked a very expensive V-Nail Gun (that’s a piece of crap FYI).

I then learned a much easier and MUCH less expensive way to instal V-Nails (sometimes old school is the best school.)

I played with Mod Podge, my Miter Saw and Spray Paint.

What could be better than that? (NOT working on my website that I have no clue what the heck I’m doing. Projecting is WAY better than that for sure.)

Want to see? I recorded lots of videos so I can show you how to customize your own DIY Vintage Picture Frames. Or you can just watch for the fun of it. . .

. . . and then head to the frame shop.

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