“That which we elect to surround ourselves
with becomes the museum of our soul 
and the archive of our experience.”

Thomas Jefferson

My very best, very happiest days
are the ones where I get to
create something beautiful.

I’ve often found myself wishing for a way to share what I’ve created.

Maybe someone else might be interested . . . or even better . . . actually inspired by something I create? Maybe the things I make and the things I do just might make someone else’s day happy too?

So what exactly do I create?

Well, I’m passionate about A LOT of things, too many actually. . . . but that’s a problem for another day. My special gift (because you know, everyone is born with a special gift). . .  well mine is my ability to make things beautiful. It’s what I have to contribute to the world. 

Many of my greatest passions (and my college degree) center around Design. I design stuff, and I’m good at it. Making my homes and other peoples homes lovely and full of personality is how I most love to spend my days. I build, and paint, and sew, and dream up stuff and make stuff, all kinds of stuff.

Also, I have a lot of “stuff,” ask my husband, he’ll tell you al l l l l  about how much stuff I have. But in all fairness, to be creative you have to have stuff to actually create with. Right?

I’m also a Gatherer

I love my people. I have carefully cultivated a tribe of amazing friends who I bring together as often as I can. Throwing parties and organizing get togethers, big or small, is one of my specialities. For me making gatherings beautiful, as well as fun, is icing on the cake.  

In My Travels . . .

I’ve been blessed to all kinds of different communities around the world. I’ve noticed that even in the littlest, most humble houses – houses made of corrugated metal with leaky patched up hodgepodge roofs and dirt floors . . .

. . . someone has hung makeshift draperies in beautiful fabrics.

Someone has attached plastic flower garlands to the mud walls.

Someone has carefully placed a pretty embroidered cloth on a worn table.

There is a lovely cup with flowers in the glassless window.

I’ve noticed over and over again, in enormous mansions, in little cardboard shanties, and in all the in-between places (which is where most of us live) . . .

. . . we humans seem to ALL share that same innate desire to surround ourselves with beauty. Is it an instinct, something deep inside of us? Something perhaps even God given?

I’ve concluded this desire to create beauty must be part of our very nature as the human beings.

Creating a beautiful life is my own passion. This here is going to be my place for sharing the joy. So I hope you’ll come on over every once in awhile. You’re welcome to just observe – OR – even better, come join in!

Last thought . . .

Thomas Jefferson is one of my very most admired historical heroes. His quote that I started with is one of my all time favorites. It’s worth sharing with you because it embodies something I believe too. It has become a motto for my own life and creative passions. 

Warmest Wishes,